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So many people asked how to learn Chinese? As a native Chinese, who are learning English, I find out the ways to learn new language are interlinked.

Just recite, read, practice and use. The more, the better.


  1. Pinyin is the basis of learning Chinese, it is like the phonetic alphabet in English. After you have mastered all the Pinyin, you will have the ability to self-study Chinese characters. So just recite the Pinyin first.
  2. Chinese characters are the basic units that make up sentences, just like words in English. So recite some basic and commonly used Chinese characters, from Nihao, Xiexie or Zaoshanghao to start your study trip.


  1. Read Chinese books. Primary school Chinese textbooks are the best choice. Textbooks are based on the cognitive level of beginners to schedule the progress of learning, which is conducive to beginners step by step to master the basic grammar and sentence structure.
  2. Watch Chinese cartoons with subtitles, or children's books. Their content is interesting and simple, you can learn a lot of words and sentences.


  1. There are many audio programs on the Internet about Chinese dialogue, follow the audio, and try to fully retell the dialogue content.
  2. Make Chinese friends and practice more daily simple conversations, such as greeting each other, sharing breakfast, movies, hot news and so on.


  1. If you need to use Chinese at work, take advantage of this opportunity to use Chinese. Generally speaking, practice is considered the most effective learning method.
  2. Travel to China, you are exposed to all the local Chinese, you can learn Chinese anytime, anywhere, and experience China's charming culture.

In addition, use Chinese social media. For example, Weibo, WeChat, send me reply and let us make friend on WeChat.