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Many foreigners are considering whether it is necessary to take a Chinese name when study Chinese. The answer is yes of course.

But it's not easy to get a Chinese name that fits and also you like. So how to get a good Chinese name? As a native Chinese, I offer several methods for reference:

1. Use the names of Chinese person

Take the names of Chinese historical figures. Chinese names have strong gender characteristics, such as female names Huang Rong, Mu Nianci, male names Guo Jing, Yang Kang and so on. When you name it, find out the gender and its history.

Many people know that the wife of the famous Chinese host Sa Beining is a Canadian, her name is Li Bai, that is, directly adopted the name of the famous Chinese poet Li Bai, very unique and individual. And I also know some foreigners who like Chinese movie star Li Lianjie are directly named Li Lianjie.

These are some good examples. Looking these names of Chinese historical figures and Chinese stars may help you.

2. With clear Chinese image

Take the name with clear Chinese image. Such as dragon, Yangtze river, the Great Wall, etc. These have obvious Chinese label, easy to understand and unique.

3. With rhythm and beauty

Take the name that its pronunciation similar to your original name, more important with a sense of rhythm. Such as Liber, its Chinese name is “Linpei”, this name is full of rhythm and beauty. Mohamed hamad name Hou Muhai, also full of Chinese poetry.

In fact, the Chinese people now try to give their newborn babies the Chinese name with rhythm and beauty. If you can get a name like this, it's too rare.

4. Avoid English Chinese names

Avoid using Chinese names that are transliterated directly. Although they are Chinese characters, but obviously like English names, such as David name ”Dawei”, Tom name “Tangmu”, Mike name “Maike”.

5. Avoid vulgar Chinese names

Don't use vulgar Chinese name, such as “Er’gou”, “Zhaosi”, “Xiaohua” and so on. These are almost the common names of rural Chinese in the 1950s and 1960s, and now they are vulgar and outdated.

6. Ask Chinese friends for help

Asking for help is the most reliable way of course. Before make sure your Chinese name, try to know about its meaning and whether it suits. Or ask your friend directly to help design a Chinese name. While for some foreigners who learn Chinese well, try to design a Chinese name by yourself.

These are my suggestions. In fact, taking a favorite Chinese name is very helpful to learning Chinese, hope all of foreign friends own a favorite Chinese name. I am happy to be your Chinese friend and help you with your Chinese name, if you need, just leave your reply please.